Sunday, July 4, 2010


This is the beautiful and fabulous Heidi.  She was really a joy to work with and so easy-going.  That's not an easy trick to master when you're prepping for your wedding.  Heidi came to me with ideas for what she wanted in her wedding dress.  She has a very elegant, simple, and clean style.  After a few revisions we ended up with the dress that had the elements she wanted, as well as a fun blue sash to add to her beauty.

What a lovely bride!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Adding Straps

Silly me for not taking a before picture of this dress, but I do have the after. This particular dress started off strapless and the bride requested straps. After cutting fabric off the bottom to shorten the hem I used the excess fabric to create the straps. I thought the effect was great and that the pleated straps looked like they could have been original to the dress. (click on the picture to see it in better detail)

Blue Babies

This was just a quick project of matching dresses for my daughter and niece to take pictures in. The girls only cooperated for one shot, but at least we got the one. I love their matching blue eyes and their sweet little faces.