Friday, December 30, 2016

Trying New Things

Sometimes I get on a kick of trying new things and stretching myself with my sewing. I've been on one of those recently. The specific new thing I've been in to is leather sewing. What I've learned is that I still have plenty to learn about sewing leather. But it's been really fun learning it. I'm even thinking about branching out into selling things. We'll see if I decide that should come into fruition. But, for now, enjoy some pictures of my recent makes.
New stockings for the littles

Christmas Eve pajamas

Teeny tiny baby shoes

Little gold shoes

Starry Night purse with shiny black leather accents

Deer costume for the kindergarten Pilgrim play

Girl's costume (x5) for the kindergarten Pilgrim play

Pink and gold Mary Janes

Irridescent pink moccs for a friend's baby shower

BYU moccs for an auction

With this pair i learned that some leathers are just not good for making baby shoes

My first ever pair of baby shoes. These went to my new niece, who is freakishly adorable.