Sunday, September 27, 2015

Preschool Sewing

I already wrote about the school uniform I made for Blue Eyes and today is about what I made for the Pink Blur as she starts preschool. Her birthday is just a few weeks after the cut off date to start kindergarten, which was pretty disappointing for me and for her. But, on a more positive note, she's in a wonderful preschool this year. I love her preschool teacher and preschool had no dress code, allowing me to sew a greater variety of things for her. And she loves it when I sew for her. That's always a win.
I already blogged this one but it's what she chose for the first day.
While Pink Blur is allowed more options in clothing, she almost always chooses a dress. So everything I made her for school has an attached skirt. First up is the Dropsie Boater Dress. I made matching dresses for the girls because I had two yards of the fabric. It was in the KnitFix from Girl Charlee. The skirt started a bit shorter than I like (particularly when considering room for growth) so I added a bit at the bottom and they're perfect.
I love my little models
Next is the Princess Skater Dress by Dandelions N Dungarees. The pattern was perfect for this fabric, which came from a mystery pack of slightly flawed fabric. She wore this to the preschool brunch that happened a week before class started. To say she loves it is an understatement.
Cheesing it up

Also a great dress for hopscotch 

I love watching her 
Big sister got a Button Up Jumper for her school uniform and it was so cute I just had to make another one for Pink Blur. The fabric for this one came the same mystery pack of flawed fabric as the dress above. I didn't have too difficult a time cutting around the mistakes, which was nice.The Star Wars print was fun and unique.
At the Aerospace Museum. Q-Ball is wearing his aviator glasses and plane shirt. Very appropriate.
Last but not least is another version of the Dropsie Boater Dress (see above for link). The fabric is yet another custom print, found here. Pink Blur wore it on her birthday. We went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate and it was great fun. Her shirt says, "Though she be but little she is fierce." That is so true of my little spitfire.
In the birthday girl crown. Most of the time she wore it like a pool floatie. Sadly, I did not get a picture of that.
Just after the show
She wasn't so much into modeling for me when she had a handful of tokens or the games.
Next year this sweet girl will have a school uniform of her own and she's is REALLY looking forward to that. Until then I will continue to make little dresses for her to wear.