About the Goddess

Hi, there! I'm Jordan, aka Goddess of Sewing.  The name came from a fellow student back in my college days when I worked in the school sewing lab as an assistant.  She asked for help and when we were finished she said, "Wow!  You're, like, the goddess of sewing!"  I laughed and decided to keep the name.

I love the creative process of watching a project go from a flat piece of fabric to something with form and function.  I love the problem solving when I'm being particularly, uh, creative.  I don't love unpicking.

My family is my great love.  The Hubs and I were married in 2004 and he still makes me starry-eyed.  He's supportive of everything I choose to do.  And he does dishes.  Score!

Our oldest daughter came along four years after we were married.  We didn't think our brown-eyed genetics would ever produce a blue-eyed daughter, but our little Blue Eyes must just be lucky.  We're certainly lucky to have her.

The Pink Blur is proof that first impressions can be deceiving.  We were so happy to have such a calm, mellow baby after our first, very active child.  The mellow was abandoned the moment she became mobile.

We got a little surprise package with Q-ball.  I was still lifting walls on houses when we found out I was expecting him.  He may not have been in the plans as early as he came, but when great stuff happens you just gotta roll with it.

This blog was first set up as an online portfolio to show my sewing work to potential clients.  As life has changed, so has the blog.  It's now a place for anything I choose to make, whether it's sewing, food, or whatever else catches my fancy.

I love to sew and have experience in custom construction, alterations, teaching, and pattern design.  Sewing is my favorite outlet for creativity, but there's plenty of other stuff I enjoy.  I just haven't yet reached goddess level with anything else. ☺

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