Monday, July 6, 2015

Let's Play Catch-up

How is it that I have had two months worth of projects and haven't blogged any of them? Oh yeah...I have four young kids. That explains a multitude of things. Anywho, here is a photo dump of projects that I won't take the time to fully blog. Because I have four young kids. Let's begin.

Pattern testing is always fun and I did a couple for Dandelions n' Dungarees. The dress is one I did before my last blog post, but which I seem to have neglected to blog about. That was pretty silly of me, as I love the pattern. It's the Girls' Fashion Basics. I made the dress for Blue Eyes and it came together so quickly and nicely that I made a top for Pink Blur.

She chose her fabric from Girl Charlee

I added belt loops but she refuses to wear it with a belt.

Here's the extra top , also made with fabric from Girl Charlee, here. The skirt was a quick self draft.
Once the dress pattern was done there was a call for another Dandelions n' Dungarees test pattern. This one was the Simply Sweats and Shorts pattern. Since the test I have made Blue Eyes four pairs of short from this pattern. The kid has plenty of school uniforms but was out of luck with play clothes.                                                                                 
The pants fabric came from a knitfix bag.

This adorable little monkey doesn't like to sleep and keeps me on my toes

I love watching him play with Scooby Doo
In the interim between blog posts I also discovered the world of custom knits. Heaven help me. But they're so darn cute!
Omni Tempore shirt from Sofilantjes and fabric from KNITorious fabric. I saw the panel on their B/S/T group on Facebook and had to have it.

And the back.
Video Game also got in on the LOTR fabric love with the Brindille & Twig bodysuit pattern. He's my precious.
 The girls were not left out of the custom fabric love. These fabrics are also from KNITorious. I modified the Janey Jump Around dress to fit my specs. Something about the rainbow and a llamacorn just spoke to me.
Ever the model.


Blue Eyes chose the modifications on this dress. Fabric is here.

Aside from sewing things I started going to an oil painting class. I have scheduling difficulties so I haven't finished the class, but this was from the first day.

This shirt was made from the Cecilia Puff Tee. Now that I have dabbled in custom knits I must now sew up ALL the panels!

She-Ra is way cooler than He-Man. Blue Eyes wore this to Field Day at school. Short must be knee length, so I whipped out these babies from the Simply sweats shorts.
 One project for myself was this shirt from my April Knitfix fabrics, made into the Love Notions Lotus Blossom top.
Since taking this picture I have made a couple of adjustments.
 I was also chosen to test the Harvey V-neck Tee for Once Upon A Sewing Machine. It's a great basic pattern.
Blue Eyes whips out her model stuff.

Her version of Blue Steel. he loves that pocket.
For now that's all. There are a couple of other things I've sewn for myself but I want them in a separate post for tomorrow. Sewing keeps me sane. Serious. I've gained a greater appreciation for the quick and easy project that can be finished when the baby actually agrees to sleep. Being able to create fills my bucket so I can take a deep breath and be a better mom to my kids.