Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Chai Shirt and Dress

Every time there's a testing call for a pattern from Itch to Stitch, I try to apply for it. When the call came for  the Chai Shirt and Dress, I jumped at the chance for something so lovely. I'm so pleased I was able to do it. Here is my final result:

With a design so perfectly feminine, I knew it needed a special fabric. A couple of years ago I scored about seven yards of this wonderful dupioni silk. I think my kids are finally old enough that I can make myself a silk item without fear that it will be ruined by smears of whatever they happen to have on their hands.

Now about the pattern. The Chai is a button front top and dress that includes a classic collar and collar stand. There is a band at the waist for definition and gathers under the bust. The skirt then flares out from the bottom of the waistband. It's just a classy, beautiful look all around.

A favorite feature of mine is that the pattern is designed to work for those with both narrow or broad shoulders. I am very broad-shouldered and it still worked for me, though I'll likely still make an adjustment next time. The pattern is meant to be fitted. It is certainly fitted but I did not find it uncomfortable. The only adjustments I made to the pattern were to shorten the bodice and lengthen the skirt by an inch. Next time I'll shorten the waistband and add that length back into the bodice. My short waist requires a short waistband.

This is my Mommy Monster Face my daughter asked me to make. It also describes the week I had.
I did have a few challenges as I was sewing, they just didn't have anything to do with the pattern. Some challenges were expected (and fun), like a trip to Dinosaur National Monument with my family.
Touching the fossils at the quarry
An example of petroglyphs at McConkie Ranch
Other challenges were unexpected (and not fun), like a trip to the Emergency Room for chest pain. Turns out it was likely weird heartburn but my brother passed away several months ago after heart problems and we have a family history of heart problems, so I was taking no chances. The EKGs, x-rays, and my personal history led the doctor to say my heart looks very healthy. But I was talking about a pattern, wasn't I? Back to business...

I have a plan in place for my next Chai, I'm just deciding whether or not to do the dress length. It's just so darn PRETTY! The Chai Shirt and Dress is on sale now for 20% off. It's a gorgeous pattern with the impeccable instructions and sewing methods I have come to expect from Itch to Stitch. Click on any of the links to get yours now and enjoy the beauty.


  1. Love this shirt. Sorry to hear you were in the hospital but glad you have a healthy heart.

  2. Silk blouses are so lux! Every lady should have at least one, IMHO. Yours is beautiful!