Sunday, April 1, 2018

Shen Yun

We spent our St. Patrick's day going to see Chinese dance. 😆 The show was beautiful and I, of course, needed to create dresses for myself and my daughters. For my dress I used a stretch velvet knit from Zenith & Quasar for both the top and the skirt. The sleeves are an embroidered black mesh I picked up at JoAnn. The pattern for the top is from Burda 10/2017. I had to size up a little bit and I switched out the D-rings in favor of a sparkly slide buckle. The skirt is a simple straight maxi skirt that was self drafted.

My older daughter's fabric is from Girl Charlee and I used the girls Shirtzie dress and modified it to make a petal skirt. My younger daughter is in fabric from JoAnn and the Noelle dress pattern. I lengthened her skirt because she only seems to grow tall rather than wife and I knew she'd want to wear this dress for a very long time. She loves the twirl factor!

I should always take pictures at my in-laws' house; it's way more fancy than my own.

The girls weren't super into pictures right then. The blue socks with emoji faces were a surprise when we got there. Maybe next time I should check those before we get in the car...

This was the closest to a red carpet I could get

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