Friday, July 1, 2011

Lots of Work

I knew going into it that building a house would be no small undertaking, but wow.  Just wow.  I had assumed I would blog a little bit in the evenings after we got home and put the girls to bed.  Ha!  We put the girls to bed, plop down for a second, put the girls back to bed and finally just collapse into our own beds once we've got them down.  The baby, in particular, isn't doing well with being put to sleep.  She insists on being held.  I'm working on letting her cry it out.  It's not going well.

Despite the lack of sleep in our apartment, there is no lack of work happening at the house.  Tomorrow will be spent putting up the exterior walls to our house.  Woot!  I don't have one of the current pictures from my camera to upload, but I can put up the one from the RHDC group website.  What you can see is a completed basement wall, porch cap, and some of the trusses.  You can also see one of our future neighbors.  If you were to go to the site right this very moment you would see floor joists in place and (possibly) a sheet for the floor.  It feels awesome to watch the progress of our house.

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