Friday, January 24, 2014

Confirmation About Clothing Types

So I've been having fun with Dressing Your Truth.  As I went through the basic Type 4 course I was pretty disappointed.  There was very little that I hadn't figured out all by myself.  There are, however, additional resources that are pure gold (or, in my case, reflective silver because that's my best metal).  I'm still going through all that and will be for quite a while.  What I was so exited about today was getting confirmation of personal fashion dos and don'ts.  I already had a pretty good idea about what does or doesn't look good on me, but salespeople and the fashion industry try to convince me otherwise.  Their voices are pretty loud and so I start to think maybe I can pull off something I really shouldn't try.  Example: leggings.  I felt vindicated to see that one of DYT's resources on body type says to avoid leggings on fuller calves.  True dat.

In the picture below you can see what I look like in my black exercise leggings.  Leggings aren't my best look and I knew that.  Even with a shirt long enough to cover up mah bidness it's still not a good idea for me.  There was a salesperson a couple years ago who told me my concerns about leggings were just my imagination.  Same with skinny jeans.
Genetics + chocolate chip cookies = full calves.  It is what it is.
Even after getting a good look at me in leggings there are still some who suggest I just wear boots over them and it'll look great.  The picture below is me in the only pair of boots I've ever owned.  They are wide shaft boots made "to accommodate fuller calves".  When I zip them up I lose feeling in my toes.  I'm slimmer now than I was when I got them as a gift, so at least now I can actually get the zipper all the way up.
Yes, the tags are still on my boots.  And yes, that is leg fat coming out the top.
Can you see now why I like being told what I already knew?  Straight leg and boot cut pants are my friends. My type of beauty is the "bold, striking" beauty and I'm so glad they don't just tell me to go for whatever is bold.  Now I just need to keep training my eye to the difference between bold and bright.  I bought a new lipstick last night and I'm still not sure about it.  I was going for the orange shade and I wore it with a coral and white striped shirt.  What do you think?  Does it work?  Jury's still out for me.

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