Sunday, February 9, 2014

Make It Pink: The Redemption Shirt

Dude, I am totally on top of projects for the Project Sewn sew-along!  Okay.  That's a lie.  I was going to skip this week altogether because 1) I didn't have any pink fabric and now's not the time to wander the fabric store without a specific plan (Oooo...pretty!  I'll take it all!) and 2) I jumped ahead to the Signature Style theme so I could get working on my jeans.  Happily for me, the sew-along contestants can enter anything they've made in the past six months.  Score!  I have only made one thing with pink in the past six months so that made it a breeze to narrow down my choices.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present...the Redemption Shirt.
There's the pink.  Promise.
This is a frankenshirt that wasn't actually planned.  It is a mix of three projects gone wrong and smashed together on the off chance that I could somehow make it work.  I used my beloved Vogue 8856 pattern because that seemed like my best options for piecing remnants into a workable whole.  I also used this pattern for my Jaded Stripes shirt.  The purple on the bottom is from a different shirt pattern that failed so completely (waaaaaay wrong body style for me) I didn't even try to alter it.  The pink panels on the sides were pieces of shirt that had been meant for embellishing.  Then one of my kids dumped nail polish on it in a place where adding embellishment would look bad.  Finally, the blue on the rest of the shirt is from a knock-off attempt at a DIY Moby Wrap.  I cut the fabric without any thought in my brain and slashed it up the wrong way.  Grrr...
Yes, yes, it's bad lighting on both pictures.  There's not much choice when the camera battery is almost dead, there are three children to be wrestled into bed, and you just want to get the blog post done now.
After making my usual adjustments at the waist, neck, and sleeves, it went together very well.  It's always a blast to do interesting seaming like that.  It felt good to redeem three failed projects and turn them into my best imitation of an Easter egg.  There was always something that felt a little off to me about the shirt.  Now that I've been learning about Dressing Your Truth I can see that the colors are Type 1 and I'm a Type 4. That explains things.

P.S.  Stay tuned for more on those jeans from the pictures.  They're going to show up again in week 4 of the Project Sewn sew-along.

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  1. Great job! I am learning to sew... so I have a lot of DIY fails .. but this gives me hope... I can make something adorable from my failures.