Friday, June 6, 2014

Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition

Excuse me for a moment while I express my excitement formynext sewing adventure. [Cue the sound of distant squeals of happiness and things falling over as I do a dance]  At the end of July I get to be a contestant for Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition, hosted by the lovely ladies of Skirt Fixation.  Whoop! I've always wanted to be a contestant in a sewing contest, so this is super exciting for me.
This contest features five weeks of creative goodness, each week with a different theme and four different contestants.  Sound easy? Well...there's a catch!  The contestants will be swapping fabric with each other so, beyond the theme of our week, we don't know ahead of time what we will be using to make our projects.  I am competing in the final week: Mystery Fabric.  I figured if I was going for a surprise I'd go for a total surprise.  Plus the added element of the unknown increases the excitement for me.  My husband, ever the lovable skeptic, asked why contestants wouldn't just send horrible fabric to each other in the hopes of making it impossible for their recipient to make anything nice.  I was happy to tell him that not only would the winning project's creator be rewarded, but also the contestant who sent the fabric.  Well thought out, ladies!

Mini spoiler: I sent my swap fabric this week and received my project fabric a couple days later.  I loved the fabric I mailed off, but it would have stayed in my stash forever.  I purchased it just before getting into Dressing Your Truth and, beautiful as the fabric is, the color isn't my best.  I'm excited for the projects to post so you can see what I sent.  I miss looking at it.  As for what I received, it's very different than what I sent.  It's fun and fresh and I'm looking forward to creating something great.  Keep an eye out as the contest starts in July and I'll keep you posted on the progress. I'm going to go be giddy about my new fabric now.

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  1. We are so glad you’re sewing with us, and can’t wait to see what everyone makes!