Saturday, June 4, 2011

Selection Day...Ahhhhh!!!

Today was the day I've been itching to get at for quite a while.  It was selection day!!!  The Hubs and I had already chosen the main stucco color and the stone.  I'm glad we had that done so we could focus on the other things.  I took several pictures so you can see what we chose, as well as leaving me with a reminder.  The description is above the pictures.

The lighter stucco is our main color and the darker is our trim color.  The stucco colors look pretty gray in this picture, but they are more blue in person or once they're on a house.  We prefer the blues and gray to brown, so these colors worked out perfectly for us.

To get an idea of what the colors look like outside I've included pictures from two previously built homes.  The one on the left shows our main color and the one on the right is our trim.  They look a little blueish and we totally love that!

After the stucco colors and stone we chose the shingles.  The one we chose is the one just below where the two stucco colors touch.  It's hard for me to get an idea of what that will look like over the entire house, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.  It seems to coordinate pretty well.

The wood for the cabinets is knotty alder and the stain is Wild Cherry.  We first chose it in oak, but the two together did not look good.  There is also a chip for the countertop resting on the cabinet sample.  Our appliances will be black, making this formica perfect for blending to wood and the appliances.  The cupboards will have a cathedal arch at the top rather than being straight across at the top.

The kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and wash room will have the vinyl shown in the middle.  The rest of the house will be carpeted with the sample shown below.  I never knew I was such a fan of taupe.

Interior lighting will have the hanging bowl in the dining room and the flush mount lights (just to the right of the bowl) throughout the rest of the house.  The glass has the alabaster finish shown on the hanging bowl, rather than the melon finish shown on the flush mount light.  You can also see other cabinet sample on the wall.  The cabinet on the far right shows the arch that will be at the top out our cupboard doors.

The bathroon light bar is shown below.  The choices for the bathrrom light were the one that you see or the same design with a darker finish.  Our outdoor lights will be the mount shown just to the left of the bathroom bar.  It will have a black finish.

Our interior door will be the Glenview style.  There were three or four other choices, but this was our favorite.

These are the baseboards and casings.  A new option is a flat board.  I liked the clean look of the flat boards, but that one doesn't come with window sills.  I liked what we chose because it does come with window sills and it's more decorative.

Below is a picture of another house built with the floor plan we selected.  It gives a good idea about what our home will look like.  We chose white for the garage door, fascia, and soffits.  We also chose the octogon shape for the gable vents.  This house has quoins (the decorative "bricks" on the corners) but ours will not.  I like quoins on home with trim that is lighter than the main color, but nor the other way around.  As our trim will be darker, we went without quoins.  Now we have just under two weeks before we start.  Let the games begin!

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