Saturday, July 20, 2013

10 Miles!!!!!

Last time I said I needed to have a good run.  Well, I can check that off now.  I've had two GREAT runs in a row.  Actually, I guess it's three.  Last Tuesday's five mile run was so much better than I expected.  It certainly wasn't easy, it was just way better.  I was worried during the run that I hadn't had enough to drink because I was hardly sweating at all.  Turns out I was sweating profusely from my head and it all went into my ponytail.  When I finished I was able to wring it out.  Three times.  And I felt great when I was done.  Thursday's three mile run was the same but with less sweat.

Today was my first ten miler.  We started out going down the canyon single file with one of the husbands following in the car.  There was some concern about being mauled by a bear or a mountain lion. It was also nice to have someone to whom we could give our cast off items we didn't want to carry (long sleeved shirts for them and a waist pack for me).  That took care of the first 6.8 miles and the rest were done in town.  It felt great!  There were obviously parts where I was tired or thought it would be nice to just walk for a bit, but it is easily my favorite run of all time.  Who'd have thought I would ever say that about a 10 mile run?!  We did stop a couple of times to stretch or walk for a bit and for me to go to the bathroom.

Now comes the honest part.  As great as he run was and as terrific as I felt immediately afterward, I'm still paying for it hours later.  I'm pretty sure my intestines are angry I bounced them around for two hours and are now wreaking their vengeance.  Last week I thought I'd figured out why they were so mad at me.  I must have been mistaken because it's all the same this week.  Stomach cramps are not my friend.  On the plus side, I can eat anything I darn well please today and tomorrow.  I probably burned at least 1800 calories on this run and my...uh...urges...will be gone by morning.

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