Monday, July 15, 2013

Princess Festival

One of the prizes Q-ball got at the Baby Contest was a pass for this year's Princess Festival.  He didn't use the pass, but the girls and I did.  We even got to bring along some friends.  It was pretty terrific. The kids and parents are invited to dress up as princesses and go on adventures.  That's where the sewing was involved.  I didn't make anything new for the girls because they already had short sleeved princess dresses.  They didn't get a choice about which dress to wear because they each only have one dress in their size without long sleeves.  The girls didn't mind me dictating which costume to wear.  Blue Eyes went as Cinderella in a dress she got from her aunt and Pink Blur went in her Snow White dress from Halloween.  I was able to bring along my niece.  She was in the Cinderella dress my mom made for her.  I was also able to bring along some neighborhood friends and their mom to join in the festivities.
The group of us at the end of the day.  Looking at all that blonde hair I feel like singing "One of These Things is Not Like the Other Things".
L to R: D (my niece), Me, Pink Blur, T, friend C, M, and Blue Eyes
 The only sewing I did specifically for the festival was my shirt.  The skirt I wore for my brother's wedding made for a great start of a Sleeping Beauty costume.  I found a t-shirt pattern and grabbed some fabric from the box of blue fabric at my parents' house.  I made a half-hearted attempt at adding white things to the sleeves to really look like Sleeping Beauty.  As half of an attempt tends to make for failure, I abandoned the sleeve embellishment as it failed the first time.  It was also midnight when I decided that "good enough" really was good enough.
You can't really see the shirt well, but there it is.  We're getting autographs from the Cheshire Cat.
I am ever so glad I didn't try to go over the top with my costume.  It ended up not being too hot to wear and was super comfy.  But I won't be wearing it anymore.  I'm not a huge fan of the length or the cut but it was great for its intended use.  If we go next year I'll have to get myself a different dress. I could have fun with my very own princess dress.  The pattern I used was 5-10 years old, when shirt length was shorter.  I survived being slightly less fashionable.  :) 
Here's a better view of the costume.  The tee is just a basic V neck with gathered sleeves.  Nice and comfy.
The girls are using magic to work together and fix the crown.
I had briefly considered wearing my Arwen costume from several years ago and I'm so glad I decided against it.  The sleeves would have been ridiculously hot.  It was also fun to see the costumes the princesses had.  The mermaid princess costume was phenomenal.
Blue Eyes wasn't the only one who wanted to touch the costume and see what it was made of.  I'm just the one of us who respects personal space.
It was a fun time.  I'm glad I made the shirt so I would have a princess costume to wear.  I also really did enjoy seeing the other costumes and getting ideas for things to make in the future.  

And now I'll leave you with a few more pictures because they were really cute.

The photo prop of death.  Before this picture it had already fallen down once, which is why my friend C is in the back holding it up.  After we finished taking pictures it fell over on Pink Blur and pinned her underneath.  She was unhappy about that.  We let it stay face down after that.
All set for the carriage ride.  I had abandoned my curly hair piece by then.

Rapunzel was very sweet after D fell down and got a nose bleed.  D was pretty upset about it and I was just glad her parents happened to pack a little hand towel in her bag.  Brilliant!

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