Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kid's Clothes Week: October 2015

It's Kid's Clothes Week again and this week has been about the baby. Last time around the three older siblings all got wearable clothes, while poor Video Game was left with a half finished romper. :( To rectify this terrible injustice, the baby got the benefit of all my sewing effort. And what a benefit it was.
Most of the pictures are fuzzy because this little boy is always on the move.
Both projects are a product of patient waiting for the right time. First up is this Cookie Monster outfit. I was able to buy the fabric on preorder from Pink Zeppelin Boutique, one of my favorite sources for custom knit fabric. I held on to the fabric without cutting into it while I waited for Video Game to grow into the Cookie Monster shoes I bought him. I did not, of course, bother to put the shoes on him to take pictures.

I was able to squeeze the hoodie out of a fat half of the fur print. When I saw the fur fabric and its coordinates I knew the were going to be a hoodie with chocolate chip lining and pockets with a pair of pants. Taking the extra time to make a bite mark out of the cookie pockets was totally worth it.
The picture is dark, but you get the idea. And, yes, those spots on the pocket are splatters of food.
The hoodie pattern is the free pattern you can download for joining the Brindille & Twig email list. Obviously, I modified the pocket to fit the cookie theme. I used this pattern for the LOTR hoodie too. I made it a little big because I wanted it to have plenty of growing room.
For the pants I used the Simply Sweats and Shorts pattern from Dandelions n' Dungarees. It's a great pattern for basic pants. I also made these long enough to grow into for a while. With any luck he'll be able to wear these next year too.  Fingers crossed.
His smile kills me.
Video Game seems pretty comfy in the outfit and doesn't fuss when I put it on him. That means it's a keeper. Although I'm pretty sure I'd make him wear it even if he hated it. Cute over comfy. It's all about priorities. :) Because I just want to eat this kid up, here are a few more pictures of the baby eating a cookie and being darling.

Cookie eating is serious business.

He's still a bit of a wobbly walker and is just now making the transition from mostly crawling to mostly walking. I am not okay with this.
And down he goes.

"Want a cookie? They're super yummy."

I hesitate to show the next project. As darling as the cookie monster outfit is, it's got nothing on his Halloween costume. The pattern is so far out of print that it's not even listed with the out-of-print patterns, which is really a shame because it's so stinkin' cute. I used minky, fleece, and felt from JoAnn. And....well this little costume speaks for itself. I apologize if you go cute-atonic (description at 1:13, but the whole thing is fun to watch). Here's my little organ grinder monkey:

Again with the walking? STOP GROWING UP!!!
Next time I'll put the hood elastic on at the bottom instead of on the placement line

Photo bomb! 

And then there's this face. My monkey is cuter than your monkey. :)
I would say this Kid's Clothes week was a success.

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