Saturday, October 10, 2015

LOTR Hoodie

Tonight the Young Women (12-18 year old girls) in our ward (congregation) are having a fundraiser to help pay for their yearly summer camp. In addition to a dinner there will also be an auction of items donated from members of our ward. Most of it will be baked goods but there will be a few other miscellaneous items up for grabs. Obviously, I chose to sew something for the auction. Behold, the Lord of the Rings Hoodie:

Cute, right? I had the fabric leftover from a custom knit order, so it's no longer available anywhere, unless you want to pay a small fortune. :(  I made shirts for my boys out of it. This one, however, is modeled by my littlest girl.

The pattern is the free hoodie from Brindille&Twig that you get when you sign up for the newsletter. It was quick and easy and seemed to run true to size. The arms were a little long on Pink Blur but it's a 5/6 and she's in a 5.

The orange fabric I used for the hood lining, pocket, and sleeve detail came from a girl Charlee KnitFix fabric that no one seemed to want to buy off me. It has turned out to be a really great accent piece for this print.
Lembas bread. And look! MORE lembas bread.
Everything for sewing the pattern came together beautifully. I'm a little sad that this won't be staying at our house (Pink Blue is even more sad about it) but I'm happy it can go to someone who wants it and is happy to pay for it. I'm really hoping someone is willing to pay more than $5 for it.
She LOVES the pocket!
I tend to think of this top as more boyish, though I'm not sure why. I love LOTR and Pink Blur loves the shirt so I'd say that makes it pretty unisex. Here's to hoping whoever gets it will appreciate it.
Gotta get a hooded shot
This one is my favorite.

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