Saturday, June 15, 2013

Five Mile Run

Today was my first "long" run.  Five miles may be short to some people but it was the first time for me.  I'm really pleased with how I did.  The Hubs was really concerned about how I would do because I donated blood yesterday.  He gets weak, dizzy, and tired after giving blood.  It doesn't phase me too much.  He was worried that I would pass out and get a concussion.  I decided to run the five miles on the treadmill to make sure he could have peace of mind knowing I wasn't lying in a gutter.  That ended up being the only good option after both he and Blue Eyes started  nasty bout of puking.  I figured I should keep close by.

Anyway, the run ended up being a really good one.  I ran at 6 mph for 2.5 miles (25 min) then went to 5.5 mph for 2 miles (22 min) and finished off at 5 mph for the last half mile (6 min).  I felt energized and excited, though there was certainly a time during the run that I wanted to just quit.  The best part was that it was so encouraging.  I was really scared to try running 5 miles, but as I got closer to finishing I felt like I could have tacked on another mile.  I didn't.  There's no good in over training.

After the run I went out to pick strawberries ( strawberries) and then cut them up to use on top of waffles as soon as everyone is all better.  While I was doing that I was overcome with dizziness and nausea to the point that I had to sit on the floor until I was stable enough to go worship the porcelain god.  Nothing came up. :)  Because that was the extent of it I'm inclined to believe that it really did come from giving blood yesterday and running five miles today.

So aside from the time in the middle when I wanted to quit (that happens every. singe. time. I run) I thought it was really great.  I sustained my fast pace for longer than I have for a while and the slower pace at the end was totally relaxing.  I'm sure that playing a couple episodes of The Office may have been good for distracting me.  I'm really excited to continue the training.

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