Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Marathon Day Two

Today was my first four mile run.  That's at least a half mile above and beyond what I've ever done before, but probably about three quarters more.  It wasn't so bad, except when it was.  I ran at a 6 for the first 5 minutes or so then scaled it back to 5.5 mph until I had about half a mile left.  I think.  Then I finished up at a 5.  I really want to be able to make it at a 6 and that's a mind set that will be difficult for me to get over.  The goal is to finish rather than to try to up my speed.  There's nothing wrong with slow.
October 13, 2012--My first 5k.  I'm in the blue shirt, just about to go around the bend.
At the beginning of the run I felt pretty cruddy and wondered why I would want to continue training for a marathon if I hated it this much at the start.  Now that the run is over I'm thinking it wasn't so bad.  Kind of like unmedicated childbirth.  I did that so I can do this, right?  And a marathon would last less than half as long as labor and delivery.

Sprinting to the finish.  I've already rounded the turn.

A close up of the last shot.  I was about ready to die here.
I can do this.  Just a few weeks ago I was skeptical about running two sets of 20 minutes each and today I ran for 44 minutes straight.  It can happen and I will make it happen.
After my second 5k, two weeks after the first one.  Can you guess my costume?
I'm glad that tomorrow is a break from running and I'm still nervous about the 5 mile run on Saturday.  But I finished my 4 mile run today.  I can do 5 on Saturday.

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