Sunday, April 26, 2015

KCW: Final

This week has been a whirlwind for my family. Two trips to the hospital and two play performances for my girls meant less time to sew than I'd hoped. So while I finished these:
I didn't quite finish this:

It still needs sleeves, snaps, and hems
This is made from the Man's Shirt Baby Romper Pattern and Tutorial from Feather's Flights. It's easy to follow and I modified it to work with all new fabric rather than using a man's shirt. It'll be darling once it's finished. Video Game seems to like it too.
Blue Eyes got the Front to Back Panda Shirt. Given time I'll put the panda stuff on the front as well.
Front... back
Pink Blur loves her Tiger Lily shirt. I've made this pattern for her in the past but with the bow option like on the panda shirt. She refuses to wear the bow shirt, so plain back it is. If I can ever find a pre-made rhinestone iron-on that says "Fierce" I really will get it and put it on the front.

Q-ball's shirt is the only one I made this week that I consider truly finished. My plan with all the kids' items was to make clothes with fabric from my stash. I was successful in that attempt but I had to be creative in how I tied it to the Wild Things theme. I call this shirt The Mighty Hunter for a touch of irony. I suppose I could have called it The Mighty Bird Watcher but it just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Finally, there's Video Game's romper, titled "Wear ALL the Wild Things!" The fabric is leftover from Q-ball's nursery textiles. There was plenty of this particular fabric leftover and now it has a project. Had time not gotten away from me it would all have been finished with time to spare. I even had an idea for another dress which never got past taping and cutting the pattern paper. C'est la vie. But though I leave you with an unfinished project, I will not leave you without cute baby pictures.

He is clearly the most charming baby boy in existence.

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