Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kids Clothes Week: Day One

For the first time ever I a participating in Kids Clothes Week. That is to say, I've thought about it and prepped for it. The first day was spent going to the doctor's office and the hospital with a sick baby, so sewing just didn't happen. While those aren't my favorite activities they kind of take precedence over sewing.

I had two things already cut out and ready to go so I'm counting that as what I did (didn't do) today. Because I'm currently on the couch nursing the aforementioned sick baby I will share with you a sneak peak of what I have planned. I'm using fabric I already had on hand, so the sneak peaks come from previous projects.

For the Pink Blur:
From the Leading Lady look
 For Video Game:
From the $0 Nursery Project
There will also be a panda inspired project for Blue Eyes. Betcha can't guess what colors I'm using for that. *wink* That leaves out Q-ball but I do have a loose idea of something I can put together for him. This, of course, assumes that the baby will allow me to put him down for any length of time. Fingers crossed.

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