Sunday, May 19, 2013

Early Halloween Costumes

Before I begin, let me just say that I never prep for Halloween this early.  Ever.  Though it would be smart if I did, as I spend the last two weeks of October every year in a sewing panic and fearing I won't get it all done.  And sometimes I don't.  Moving on now.  I'm not going to make the Halloween costume for Blue Eyes this year  She is old enough now that she is expressing her opinions and is set in them.  Unless she can be talked out of them.  Not that I ever try to do that.  But really, the white shoes did look better with her pink dress.  She'll be happier with the pictures than if she'd worn the black like she wanted.  Anyhow, ever since last Halloween she has been very set on being Captain Hook for this year's costume.  After at least three months insistence that that's all she wanted to be I decided she really did know what she wants.  I was pleased that I would have time to prepare so I could make her costume without too much stress.  I even knew that there was a pattern for it living in my mom's sewing room.
Aww...cute!  At includes everything but the wig.
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A few months ago the Disney Store had a 40% off sale.  Hmm...  I don't remember tattooing "STOOPID" on my forehead so I went ahead and ordered this:
LOVE the hat.
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I didn't get the hook and the sword at the time, but I only paid about $40, including shipping, for the costume and the hat.  I know better than to think I could make that for less than $40.  And it looks more than a little awesome.  I'll still probably make the hook from the pattern.  Blue Eyes knows she's not allowed to change her mind about the costume and she's good with that.  I even let her put it on once.  Just once.  It's living in my closet now so it will still look good in another five months

The Pink Blur was on board with being Tinkerbell and now, months later, still talks about it excitedly.  Q-ball is young enough not to have an opinion so I am taking full advantage of this last (probably) opportunity to put him in a costume with tights.  I've already done it to him once before.  I plan on making myself a Wendy costume to go with the theme.  It's easy and would be comfortable.  The Hubs will go as Gandalf.  I'll think up a crossover somehow.  If I feel like it.

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  1. Disney store is having a 50% off sale right now. :)