Friday, May 24, 2013

I Love Books

Back in June of 2007 I went to a teaching conference.  There was a children's book vendor there.  I took a deep breath and went over to take a look.  It was very difficult for me to do because only three months before I'd lost my first baby halfway through the pregnancy.  I went over both to prove to myself that I could handle it and as a little act of faith that someday I would have a baby to read books to.  I ended up buying my first of many Usborne books.
This is sentimental; it's the first book I ever bought my kids
Fast forward six months and I was at another teaching conference.  I was also expecting Blue Eyes.  :)  I saw the same vendor table and went right over.  Before leaving I signed up for an Usborne Books party.  I loved the books so much that I signed up as a consultant at the end of my party.  There was a year or two that I sold the books and I really, really loved it.
A book I bought for ME and that is very well done and treats all with respect.
After I quit teaching I started my sewing business, which I also loved.  As that picked up speed I spent less time on my book business until one day I hadn't set up any more parties and then never called to make any more.  It simply fell by the wayside and I've always regretted that a little.
This is a DIY space camp.  How cool is THAT?!?
Fast forward a couple more years and a friend of mine has just signed up as a consultant.  I'm having a party to help her get started.  And because I'm more than a little obsessed with these books.  Take a look at them and you'll see great things.  Check it out here.  After counting them I have 112 of these books and that's just upstairs.  I have more sitting in boxes in the basement that the kids aren't old enough for just yet.  When it comes to books I think there's no such thing as too many.  I made a HUGE wishlist here for a lot of the books I still would like to get.

Aside from the fantastic educational books there are also some fun and feeling pictures books.  Way more than I could possibly mention.  But the one above makes me cry every time.  Every. Time.  I love it.  Go check out these books.  Seriously.  And buy some while I have my party open to support my friend's new business...and get me free books  ;)  You won't be sorry.

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