Friday, May 3, 2013

Classic Chino Pattern Testing

I was so excited to test the Classic Chino pattern for Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.  Some revisions are in the works so it hasn't been released yet.  I hope I didn't post this too early.  Anyway, I made it in the size 5, which is what Blue Eyes wears. 
She's super tall so I cut the length to a size 6 and that ended up being just about perfect for my growing girl.  The fabric, zipper, and button came from my stash .
Blue Eyes is a fan of the pants.  She was really excited that I made something for her.  The only hitch was when I handed them to her to try on.  After giving them a brief look she said, "These are blue but I like red." Blue became acceptable when I told her they were blue like her eyes.
Kissy face!
The pants have a fly zipper, waistband, front slant pockets, back elastic, belt loops, and back welt pockets.  Can I just tell you how much I LOVE the welt pockets?  I've made welt pockets before and the method used on this pattern is easy enough for anyone be successful.  And it looks great!
After making up the pattern for Blue Eyes I made a matching pair for Pink Blur and a pair of navy shorts for Q-ball.
I didn't take any pictures with Pink Blur because she's still sporting the last bits of black eye from her run-in with her bed frame.  But Q-ball got in on the picture-taking fun.
The shorts in the pattern are made to go to knee length and that's exactly where they hit.  I omitted the belt loops for the shorts.
He stands and walks on his own, but you get a shot of my hand because I didn't want him to fall off.
One reason I was so excited to test this pattern is because Blue Eyes is starting kindergarten in the fall and will be going to school in a uniform.  That can get super expensive super fast.  If I can make pants for her with stash or sale fabrics then it will be a lot more cost effective.  And I can be sure of quality construction.  :)  This pattern is PERFECT for uniform pants.
I had my dad come and take pictures at a local park and museum.  He actually knows how to use his fancy camera, whereas I try to get by with my waterproof point and shoot.
The kids cooperated really well for our makeshift photo shoot.  They enjoyed playing on the toys.
Here's my favorite picture.  My dad was very amused with how much Blue Eyes likes to pose.  I have no idea where she got that trait from...

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