Wednesday, May 8, 2013

House of Sickness

There are a few projects I have in the works. And by "in the works" I mean "sitting in a pile in the corner". We girls haven't been feeling too hot over here. My problem is allergies. I had them growing up in California and then they went away when we moved to Utah. Then I moved to rural Utah last year with a different variety of crops in the vicinity. The allergies came back and made up for all those years of relief.  Apparently allergies are vengeful.

One might think that with medication I could get through and function like a normal person.  The medication companies would have you believe that once you're on their pill everything is fine, that you no longer look like this:

image via
Ha!  Lies!  I would even settle for looking like this:
image via
No such luck over here.  After a week of medication I still look like this:
Rocking the flash because I can't be bothered to open the blinds.
Sorry if I made you throw up a little--just being real over here.  I've heard that eating locally produced honey will help with the allergies, so I am in search of local beekeepers and farmer's markets.

Aside from me there's also been Blue Eyes and Pink Blur.  They've each had their share of sickness this past week.  Blue Eyes is back at preschool today with just a lingering cough.  Pink Blur has prescription eye drops for the alarming amount of green goop she was producing on Sunday.  So gross.  I had no idea such little eyes were capable of such massive ickiness.  Anyway.  It seems like the upshot of us girls (The Hubs and Q-ball have been fine) being under the weather is that I was able to spend ridiculous amounts of time on the computer looking at blogs to match bloggers with their giveaway fabric.  Here it is on the site of just one of the 18 participating bloggers.  With as much time as I spent I'm really hoping I did well.  24 yards of fabric?  I'm all over that!

Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon and be able to either fix my own broken sewing machine (insert me weeping) or borrow my mom's while she's in Ireland for the next couple of weeks.  And, because I can't just leave you with the charming picture above, here is some real adorableness courtesy of Q-ball and the photographer at JCPenney.
Seriously, how cute is this kid?  Geek chic.

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  1. Funny thing is my allergies where worse when I lived in Orem, than they are here in Payson.