Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pink Blur in Black and Blue...and Pink

 This is the matching outfit for Pink Blur after finishing the Surprise Dress for Blue Eyes.  This version followed the pattern exactly and used the top and pants view.  The shirt could do with a little insert at the neckline.
Front view
The pattern is much more open in the back than I usually choose, but I had to be creative with laying out my fabric.  And at two and a half years old she's not trying to be sexy.
She says it makes her back cold.  Maybe she'll appreciate that in the dead-of-summer heat.
Just so you know, I do NOT beat my children.  That's not always obvious from looking at Pink Blur on any given day but it's been a whole lot worse the past little while.
You're never fully dressed without a smile...and an icky bruise that sits on top of a nasty bump which causes black eyes.
After the incident with the iron I'm afraid someone is going to think I ignore or harm my children.  I don't.  She's just fast.  That's how she got Pink Blur as her blog name.
Now she looks beaten AND drugged.
I can't wait until she gets a bit more coordinated.  Then maybe she won't bash her head on her bed frame after trying to jump over my legs.  Of course that won't save her from repeated head butts given by Blue Eyes when they're in their room for "quiet time".  That was a fun couple of minutes.  Some day I'll look back on this and laugh, right?  Right?  I certainly hope so.

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