Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bad News and Good News

The Sew-vivor results came in today aaaand...I didn't make the top 10 finalists.  Sad.  :(  However, I have been planning to sew along with the challenges either way and now I can reveal my projects on my own timeline (at least, I'm pretty sure there's no restriction).  YAY!!!  Actually, I really am excited about that.  Like, a LOT.  My project for the first challenge, Emerald, is something I wanted to show off sooner rather than later.  Here's a sneak peek:
As for the other set of good news and bad news, it has to do with the Pink Blur.  I had the iron set up to press my project and she thought it looked like fun to climb on the ironing board.  She got no fewer than twenty warnings from me about HOT before she was finally able to run and jump on it before I could grab her.  Her fun was short-lived.
This is almost a week later. Ouchie.
The good news in this case is that she is now very respectful of the iron and gives it a wide berth.  I would rather she hadn't learned the hard way.  I suppose I can't expect her to learn everything by my words rather than by sad experience.

I plan on posting pictures of the emerald project as soon as I take pictures.  I just need to buy shoes to complete the outfit.  So excited!

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