Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday--Day Two

image via  In a few weeks it should look like this around the base of our flowering cherry tree. :D
Today I'm thankful for Spring.  I'm so ready for it!  Our first winter in our new home has been particularly cold and snowy.  The past few days have been gorgeous and we've enjoyed spending time outside.  Until now I've never known the great pleasure of watching a garden come back to life after the winter.  I'm a very (VERY) inexperienced gardener and I've been so pleased to see new leaves and sprouts on plants I was sure I had killed stone dead.  It's amazing to see the life cycle start over again.  Weeding and clearing the flower beds and strawberry patch was such a joy.  I got a jolt of excitement every time I pulled up a bunch of dead leaves or stems and found new growth hiding underneath.
Taken from my daughters' bedroom window, hence the difference in color on the street. I'm not going outside in that. ;)
The picture above shows our actual flowering cherry tree with tulip flowers peeking out from the snow that was blowing sideways a few minutes ago.  I know it will soon (perhaps this afternoon?) give way to full blown spring and just that little thought makes me smile.

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