Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday--Day Nine

Today I am thankful for a word.  That word is also.  From Merriam-Webster:


 adverb \ˈȯl(t)-(ˌ)sō, ˈȯ-\

Definition of ALSO

: likewise 1
: in addition : besidestoo

I had two sewing teachers in high school and one of the best lessons I learned from them was one they didn't intend to teach:  there's more than one right way to do most things.  My first teacher was marvelous, but retired after that school year.  I also learned a lot from my second teacher, but she publicly berated me more than once for doing things differently than she did, despite the fact that the result was the same.  Maybe that part just didn't compute.  When I became a sewing teacher I encouraged my students to try a couple of different methods and find out what worked best for them.  I also briefly mentioned it in Tuesday's post.

One other reason I'm thankful for the word also is because of all the political things going on right now in the States.  There are such strong emotions on both sides of any issue and not always enough effort on either side to reach out and understand.  I think it's worthwhile to see that the other side of any debate also has merit.  Instead of starting by concentrating on differences it would be better to start with commonalities and then work from there to foster understanding and to see that there is also value in someone else's opinion.  A little more effort and a lot more also would go a long way for everyone...including me...

As a final add-on, I'm grateful for good health.  I don't have it right now.  When I was sick with whooping cough in high school I learned what does and doesn't come up well.  Ice cream and orange juice top the list as the easiest things to lose.  Today I learned that asparagus does not come up well.  The Hubs thought it was hilarious.  He doesn't like asparagus.  But I'm thankful he can take the day off so I can stay in bed and the kids don't need to fend for themselves.

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