Friday, March 29, 2013

Family Friday--Day Ten: Easter Eggs!

I know that with Easter right around the corner this tip is a big time gimme, but I was pretty nasty sick yesterday and that was the best I could do.  Here are some alternatives to just dyeing eggs with the pack from the store...which is what will be happening at our house.  :)  Click the picture to go to the instructions.

Use a Sharpie to color boiled eggs.  Why haven't I used this idea before?  Easy cheesy.
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"Tie" dye eggs.  I think this is the most fabulous idea and I forget to try it every year.  Every. Year.  Maybe 2014 will be the magic Easter.
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Along with trying something new for dyeing eggs, you can also think a little outside the box for filling the Easter baskets.  My kids LOVE candy, but it's always nice to have other alternatives.

Here are some ideas for plastic egg fillers.  It's a slide show so you'll have to flip through rather than scroll down.
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Utah Deal Diva posted about basket stuffers for under $5.  Fun on a budget, woohoo!
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Have a fun Easter weekend!

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