Saturday, March 23, 2013

(Out of) Service Saturday--Day Four

Do you ever try to keep from getting sick by denying that you are?  That usually works for me.  It hasn't for the past couple of days.  My head is aching, my throat is sore, the lymph nodes on my neck are as tender as I remember feeling them, and I'm just generally run down.  If I weren't a mom I'd take the day off and be completely out of commission.

Despite the sickness, there was an easy opportunity for service today.  Our ward got together for a pancake breakfast then everyone pitched in to clean the church.  I spent most of my time chasing after the children, but I did empty a few garbage cans.  Every little bit helps, right?  There were so many people there that my little family sort of ended up without an assignment.  We did what we could and then headed home again.  I also figured I should try to avoid contact with others as much as possible.
Getting gloves to help out was the highlight of church cleaning for Blue Eyes.
The big "Out of Service" moment we had was when the main bathroom door got locked, in a manner of speaking.  I heard Blue Eyes getting frustrated as she tried to get out of the bathroom, but I thought nothing of it because she occasionally locks herself in and it takes a minute before she gets herself out. I should have paid more attention.  A half hour or so later, the Hubs tried to open the door and found that something blocked it. We could peek in just enough to see that there was an open drawer that prevented the door from opening.  The drawer had one towel too many and was stuck open.  We had no idea how on EARTH were we supposed to get access to the bathroom.  The door opens into the bathroom rather than the hall, so the hinges were on the inside and we couldn't take those off.  The tiny slit of an opening we could get was too narrow even for a wire hanger to fit through.
Diagrams are super helpful
So what did we do?  The Hubs got his MacGyver on while I stood there in an illness-induced fog wondering how we would go about smashing the door in and how much a replacement would cost.  I did my part by fetching the screwdriver and holding the screws while my husband took off the doorknob.  Duh.  I should have thought of that.  He threaded the bent hanger through the opening and used it to push out the extra towel and close the drawer.  Way cheaper and less risk of injury than smashing the door into splinters.  Yay!  The Hubs had to jimmy everything a bit to get the flimsy wire to cooperate but he succeeded.  Now we're just left to wonder how the heck Blue Eyes get out in the first place.  I've decided her super power is teleportation.  But that could be sickness brain fog talking.

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