Friday, April 12, 2013

Family Friday--Day 23: Q-ball's Birthday

This past week we celebrated Q-ball's first birthday.  We invited the grandparents and aunts and uncles over for the "festivities".  That included dinner, cake, and presents.  We keep it pretty simple for a first birthday.

I didn't take a single picture because my camera battery was dead.  However, with all the grandparents there we had no shortage of pictures taken.  I just don't have copies of those yet.  The Hubs took three pictures with his phone when I asked him to.
What's a birthday cake without garishly colored frosting and an unsuccessful attempt to write words while squeezing a tube?
When I get my hands on more pictures I'll post them.  First birthday pictures are always adorable.  For now I will leave you with the recipe I used for dinner.  I provided the main dish and the cake and everyone else brought something to contribute.  This recipe was first introduced to me when I was a missionary in Italy.  A fellow sister missionary, an Italian from whom we got Blue Eyes's real name, made it for lunch for us one day.  I never knew veggies could be so darn yummy.  But with the passing of time I forgot about it.  Then a year or so ago I stumbled on this recipe on another blog.  I was pretty excited to find it.  Even my father in law told me that he doesn't like zucchini but he likes this recipe.  Booyah.  He asked what the name of the dish and I had nothing but "Pasta with zucchini and carrots."  He thought it would sound fancier in Italian and I obliged by telling him that in Italian it's called "Pasta con zucchine e carote."  There's not a big difference.  It doesn't matter because it's a healthy and delicious alternative to tomato sauce, with our without a fancy name.

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