Saturday, April 13, 2013

Origami Butterfly Wreath

Update:  For instructions on making the butterflies go here.

I've mentioned before that I'm sewing along with both Sew-vivor and The Sew Off.  This is probably the last time I'll sew along with two contests at the same time.  I felt like I lost my sewing mojo until I remembered that sewing along is not a requirement, but for my own enjoyment.  Then I got my inspiration and desire back.  Funny how that works.  Even though I got my inspiration back I did not get my time back.  I was determined to finish my project for The Sew Off before Sunday.  I made it with about a half hour to spare.

My inspiration came from a Pinterest image that showed how to fold origami butterflies.  I had planned to use those on the drawstrings for the Surprise Dress but still haven't gotten around to it.  Then I had an ah-ha! moment and thought they would be cute on a wreath.  I've also been inspired by the Stash Busting series on Feather's Flights.  I figured it would be a good way to use up extra scraps and make something pretty at the same time.  Besides that, using only leftover fabric made the whole project extra super cheap.  I only paid for the wreath form and had a coupon.  Score!

Finished butterfly
I did not relish the idea of pressing all the seams for the butterflies and taking out wrinkles.  That's when a brainwave hit: just make it a shabby chic style wreath.  I'm not a fan of shabby chic.  I know, I know...I've offended the crafting gods.  But doing shabby chic meant I could just sew around the raw edges instead of pressing them under and then edgestitching.
Pay no attention to that mess behind the wreath.  I'm sure no one else's craft space is messy. ;)
After making a few different sizes of butterflies I picked up a straw wreath form at JoAnns.  $2.99 plus a 40% off coupon got it for a grand total of $1.80.  I wrapped it with metallic gold sheen linen left over from a skirt I made at least five years ago.  Then I added the butterflies and a ribbon.
I changed the wreath a bit after taking this picture and before hanging the wreath on my door.
It took me a while to put up the wreath.  That's because it's shabby chic and...I don't like shabby chic.  I can't seem to get past the "shabby" part.  I guess that's my fatal flaw when it comes to home decor.  As I was making the wreath my inner Oedipus was gouging out his eyes.  Next time I make origami butterflies I'll be finishing my edges and that's a promise.
These butterflies are super easy to make and super cute.
It was nice to use free scraps and I liked knowing I was whittling away at my stash of leftovers.
Blue Eyes seems to share my uncertainty about shabby chic.  Upon seeing the wreath she asked, "Is it supposed to be like that?"  She also prefers the bow to the flower.
It turns out that the wreath is growing on me.  I love the colors, which is one great thing about using scraps, and it's adding character to my front door.  I just need to figure out a better way to hang it.  Right now I have a length of ribbon going over the door and tied on to the dead bolt on the inside.  I just need to pick up a command hook I can attach to the inside of the door and tie the ribbon on that way.

FYI, the original blog post that had the directions for the origami butterflies (not the Pinterest link with the Chinese knock off that stole the other blog's pictures) was shut down less than 24 hours after I went there to look at it.  Now that I can't give a direct link to the original, is anybody interested in a more detailed tutorial on making origami fabric butterflies?


  1. OMG, what a clever idea!!! And we can use scraps to make it! Loved it and I'm pinning it!!!

  2. I would like a few more details on how to make the origami fabric butterflies.

  3. Such a cute idea--it turned out beautifully!