Monday, April 1, 2013

Move It Monday--Day Thirteen

I've been trying to think of an introduction to today's post, but there really just isn't one I can think of right now.  I'm guessing it's a case of the Mondays.  Or maybe a case of I've-had-my-husband-home-for-the-past-four-days-and-now-he's-back-at-work Mondays.  It's always hard to go back to the normal schedule.  At least now I can get the house clean.  Anybody else have a harder time keeping the house tidy when your spouse is home?  You would think it's easier but somehow it's not.  Anyway.
NOT my house.  Mine isn't this bad but I'm still not willing to show it.  {blush}
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Because today is the beginning of a new month I'm thinking I'll make a fitness goal to go through for the month, and probably for the next three months.  I finished 30 Day Shred on Saturday so it's time to move on to something else.  About a decade ago I did Body For Life and that lost me three inches off my hips and two off my waist in twelve weeks, so I'm thinking I want to do that again.  Of course, back then I was twenty and hadn't had kids...  I'm going to do the exercising for sure and I just need to get my head in the right place to get the eating ready too.  It's all about the can-do attitude, right?  Right? Please tell me that's right.  I'm pretty sure I'm dragging The Hubs into it with me. :)

For a more crafty-type goal, I want to design a dress for Blue Eyes.  I'm starting with Simplicity 2464 and making lots of modifications from there.  I've got a cute idea and I just need to round it out.  It involves a high low hemline and some embellishment.  I may even have most of the fabric for it.  Maybe I can raid my mom's stash for the rest of it.  I'm pretty excited about it.
My first baby, wrapped in a tiny blanket like the Annie Blanket, with a crochet blanket around the outside.
My final goal for this week is to procure fabric to make at least one Annie Blanket.  I saw this on a linky party somewhere and think it's a wonderful idea.  It also speaks to me because the day after the blankets will be donated is the six year anniversary of discovering we had lost our own sweet baby halfway through the pregnancy.  Being able to bring home the blanket my baby was wrapped in was so comforting.  It is physical proof that the baby I love existed, even if we were not able to bring him home with us.  If anyone wants to join me I think it would be wonderful.  Just click on the link above for the pattern and more information.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. What a sweet and tangible reminder of that blessed baby.