Monday, April 15, 2013

Move-It Monday--Day 26

I think for this week's goals I'll just try to finish what I've started.  I have the fabric ready for the Annie Blanket and I will get that done so I can either mail it off or donate it here.  It will be a quick sew and I've been meaning to get it done.  For anyone who wants to join in it is a great remembrance and memorial.
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Also on the list is one of my weight loss reward shirts.  It's all cut out and ready to go.  I've also got the fabric and patterns for pants, a skirt, and two shirts.  Not all of it will get done this week and that's okay.  Mostly I just want to finish the Annie Blanket, the shirt, and get a solid plan together for my sew along project for Sew-vivor.  I've got The Sew Off covered with either of the items for myself, so long as I tweak them a little to fit the contest rules.
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My last goal is to read up on what is required to form a neighborhood watch.  Over the past few weeks there have been a lot of thefts in our neighborhood.  It started with getting into cars that had been left unlocked, then things were taken off porches and out of garages, and now things have progressed to the point of home invasion.  One neighbor's home is missing cash and prescription medication.  Another neighbor came home to find a window well cover removed and signs of an attempt to get the screen off.  We're a close-knit little community and it is disturbing that our friends and neighbors are being violated like this.  The Hubs and I think whoever is doing this is probably casing the neighborhood during the day.  My kids are young enough that I won't let them play outside by themselves anymore.  Taking my stuff is one thing but my kids are another matter entirely.  Hopefully we find a resolution to this sooner or later.  For the thief's sake (as well as everyone else's) I hope there are no more break-ins.  I would guess that 7 or 8 homes out of 10 in our neighborhood are armed.  I just want us all to be safe.

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