Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wowzers Wednesday--Day Fifteen: Word Snob

Today's wowzer is a confessional.  I told you I'd be honest.  I'll probably offend someone.  Sorry ahead of time.  I still love you.  But you might not want to read anymore if you're not in the mood for snark.

I'm a word snob.  My eye starts to twitch a little when I see superfluous, made up words.  I heard plenty of them at professional development meetings when I was a teacher.  If it was really bad I would keep a tally sheet of how many times particular words were used.  The crafting world is filled with the kind of words that set my teeth on edge.   I don't actually have anything against them except the words themselves.  Here are my top five, in particular order.
Did you know "upcycle" has it's own symbol?
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Upcycle--I still haven't figured out why this word is used instead of reuse or recycle.  Someone defined upcycle in a way that made me laugh out loud.  Upcycle: because I have random crap AND a glue gun!
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Vintage--Damask. lace, and ruffles.  Or most anything that's been hanging around in a thrift store for the past decade.  I took The Pink Blur in to JCPenney for pictures when she was six months old and one of the background choices was black and white damask.  The conversation with the photographer went something like this:

Me: The damask background is pretty cute.
Photog: What background...?
Me: (pointing to picture)  The damask.
Photog:  Oh, the vintage one!  Is that the one you want?
Me:  No.
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Repurpose--Same as upcycle; the words reuse or recycle would suffice.  I've been known to joke that my baby frequently repurposes his food into an effective diaper filling material.
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Reclaimed--Look!  I found it on the sidewalk and made something with it!
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Shabby Chic--When new stuff is purposely made to look like old stuff.  Call me crazy, but I like the stuff in my home to look de-stressed rather than distressed.  It's just not my style.

So there's my confessional.  Don't hate me because I don't like words.

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