Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sacred Sunday--Day 25: Proving Him Right

Several weeks ago I found my journal in a box and started reading through the section where The Hubs and I were dating, engaged, and preparing for our life together.  There was one entry I was so glad to find.  I had completely forgotten about the experience I recorded.  Ten days before our wedding, The Hubs and I had gone to be interviewed by our stake president (one of our church leaders that presides over several different congregations) and get the recommends for our marriage.  We had both private and joint interviews.  I'll share some of what I wrote about the private interview.

At the interview last night he told me he knew that I was a choice daughter of God.  His eyes had filled with tears and he continued talking.  He said there are some people in life that you'll always remember and that I was one in his life.  He's excited to see what life has in store for me.  He said I was humble and yet very talented and that my parents had done a good job raising me, but I had a part in it, as well.  Then he told me to forget it and not let it go to my head, but that it wasn't in my nature...
I have a lot to live up to so that I can prove him right.  As I was waiting through [The Hubs]'s interview I wanted to become perfect to please my stake president and reinforce his faith in me.  Then I felt a little ashamed for my reasoning and prayed that I be able to do it to prove the Savior right.  He is the One that sacrificed to allow me to reach my full potential and be a worthy servant of God.
 This life is a time for us to learn, grow, and become more like our Father.  If we weren't able to succeed in these goals we wouldn't be here on this earth.  God has complete confidence in our ability to do what is right and to progress.  It is our job to prove Him right.

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