Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday--Day 22: My Doctor

We're going in for Q-ball's 12 month well baby check at the doctor today.  I'm a big fan of my doctor. My friend suggested him to me when I was trying to figure out who to go to during my first pregnancy.  Because he's family practice rather than just OB I can see him for anything and my kids can grow up with the same doctor.  When decisions are to be made he explains all the options to me and gives me advice, then leaves it up to me.  I appreciate that he gives all the options for a given situation, even the ones he won't do.  When we discovered that my first baby had died in the womb he informed me of what could be done, including one procedure he refused to do himself.  I ended up choosing the option he recommended.  It's a blessing to have a doctor with the same philosophies about health care.  And I like that he knows my kids.
My awesome doctor holding Blue Eyes (still sporting the brand-newborn rat look) not long after she was born.
I should also mention that his nurse is the bomb-diggity.  She knows my name and knows my kids.  She wasn't in the office during my pregnancy with Q-ball and I am sooo glad she's back.  I liked the other nurse too, but there's just no one quite like Jennifer.  I don't have a picture of her because she doesn't attend births.  But it would be terrific if she did.  It's nice when going to the doctor's office isn't anxiety-inducing.

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